Is Butter in Your Coffee Better for Weight Loss?

by Cave Munch

BlackCoffeeWe've all tried almost everything to lose weight. Who would've ever thought to add butter to your coffee? According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, "Butter Coffee" has become a new trend in U.K. cafe's. Many have claimed that adding butter to their coffee gives them the energy they need to stay focused, burn calories, and feeling full until lunchtime. I think we need more research before we could make that determination.  

This trend took momentum when U.S. entrepreneur, Dave Asprey, was inspired by the drink coined his own "Bullet-Proof Coffee with Butter". He claims that it will help you drop weight, gain energy and ward off chronic diseases. Asprey suggests organic coffee because he feels the toxins in regular coffee are what gives people the jitters. He also suggests using butter from grass-fed cows and organic coconut oil. Asprey believes with his "bullet-proof coffee" or versions of it, will start ketosis, the process your body goes through when there are no sugars to burn. 

“Dave Asprey was inspired when he sipped tea with yak butter and now people around the globe are drinking butter coffee” –U.K. Daily Mail

Butter Coffee

What brands of butter are Grass-Fed?

We really couldn't find too many that we were able to verify. As a matter of fact only Kerrygold Butter was labeled as Grass-Fed

“Milk from grass-fed cows contains higher quantities of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) than milk from cows fed indoors. This is why Kerrygold butter is very spreadable and has a unique creamy taste”…-Kerrygoldusa.com

Isn't butter bad for you?

Maybe we mention that one cup of butter coffee could have 400-500 calories PER CUP... Yowzers...! As well as 50 grams of saturated fat. We suggest getting some facts from additional dietitians before making a drastic change to your morning routine.