What people are saying about the Paleo Diet

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Cavemunch is great! My wife and I began three weeks ago and are losing weight and feeling much more energetic. The recipes are really good and very easy to prepare. Following our favorite chefs and recipes makes an easy way to keep track of all the Paleo Recipes and helps us share with our friends. Love it!

Steven M - Chicago IL, Jan 2014

I started Paleo when I learned how much the diet could impact my health–specifically my rheumatoid arthritis. I was already gluten-free, but the idea of cutting out so many other foods was pretty intimidating at first. CaveMunch.com helps me SO MUCH! I could save my favorite recipes and I’m amazed at the quality of the recipes and am so grateful for all the creative ideas. I’ve been on Paleo for almost two months now and we’ve made the carrot muffins and omelet muffins every week–they are fabulous! And I’m feeling great–more energy and less lethargic.

Sandra K - Chicago IL, Jan 2014